Sports-Medicine Clinic Konstanz & Singen
Specialists in Minimal-Invasive Knee-, Shoulder- & Foot Surgery and Magnetic Resonance Imaging / MRI

The Sports-Medicine Clinic Singen, a branch of the Sports-Medicine Clinic Konstanz Ltd., is located in the heart of the Hegau-metropolis and is easily accessible by car from all directions. In the building there is a basement-garage (liable to pay the costs). The railway station is only a 5 minutes walk away from the clinic.

The ambulatory service and the separate operation-centre with two operation rooms are provided with modern equipment and high valued sanitary appliances for endoscopic and open operations and movable roentgen unit-fluoroscope. At the disposal of our ambulatory operated patients there is a 24-hours call-service organized for the surgeon and anaesthesiologist.
The accommodation in the clinic is provided in pleasantly furnished rooms, where the patients enjoy an optimal medical and therapeutic treatment in a friendly environment with intimate atmosphere.
There are single, two-bed and several-bed rooms with phone and TV/video. We offer free menu-choice; medically recommended diets will be certainly considered.

Patients with private health insurances and self-payers receive detailed information from our colleagues in the administration department concerning the hospitalization tariffs. We are pleased to help you in obtaining the reimbursement of the expenses from your health insurance agency.

Our concept of the global orthopaedic care by a harmonic relation between the ambulatory and the stationary sector has been effective since 1992 through the setting up of the Orthopaedic Sports-Medicine Practice Singen.
The spectrum of the performances of the Orthopaedic Sports-Medicine and Chirotherapic Practice comprehends the conservative (non-operative) and operative treatment of the orthopaedic diseases and sport-injuries.